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Welcome to the home page of CK9 School and CK9 Rehoming Centre. 

We strive to better the lives of dogs and their owners, or potential owners in the case of our rehabilitation and re-homing scheme.  

We offer an elite training service for domestic dogs from the comfort of our own home. We have newly built dog kennels in our secured courtyard area for your dog(s) to relax and play freely. We have a large gated and secured driveway to the side of our house which creates a lot of extra room. This driveway also connects to our large front garden. This garden is our training  ground and this is where your dog will undergo the majority of exercises essential to qualify in the kennel club good citizen dog scheme. Our house/canine centre is situated within walking distance of "Pets at Home", "Sainsbury's" and various other retail stores.

Your dog will receive copious amounts of distraction training at these locations in order to ensure their mannerisms both on, and off the lead will be outstanding by the time they return home to you. Our grounds are also equipped with CCTV surveillance for your dogs safety, we also use this footage as a training aid and can send you clips on your pets progress.

At CK9 school we offer a three week training programme for your dog.  We only offer this because we feel that you and your dog gain a lot more out of this type of scheme than you would during your typical one hour a week one on one sessions, or your average dog classes. 

Your dog stays with a professional dog trainer for 21 days. That's 21 days of learning correctly, 21 days of being rewarded correctly, 21 days of practised balanced techniques running as smoothly as it possibly can. Carl used to be a one on one dog trainer before going travelling and he found that the biggest problem with one on one sessions is that the work put in can easily unfold if information was miss understood or lost in translation between the trainer and the dog owner. This is why Carl has decided to offer this three week obedience training scheme in order to create something more, something where the customers are really getting what they pay for. We are not saying that one on one sessions don't work. 

Sometimes one on one sessions with a behaviourist are necessary to focus on certain issues, but the majority of the time all problems stem from the foundations. A dog needs to be taken back to basics in order to correct most issues. The quickest and best way to do this is with what we are offering.
This scheme may seem expensive but believe us when we tell you that it is a lot less money in the long run, not to mention the fact that there is little to no work involved for you. Three weeks may also seem like and a long time away from your beloved animal, but It will definitely be worth it. 


The CK9 three week programme is ideal for people who are physically or mentally unable to train their dog. The on/off lead training along with in home manners we teach provide the perfect solution for retired OAP's, people with disabilities, or anyone who has a difficult job and/or a family to care for. A lot of our customers like to time their annual vaccination with their pet treatment, what a great idea. Free dog boarding!

Our three week training programme doesn't seem very expensive now does it?


Does your dog continuously pull on the lead?

Walking your dog should not be a struggle!

Carl picked Bruno up before his owner started work at 9am. We shared 4/5 walks together that day in order to focus on loose lead walking. Once a loose lead walk was accomplished, we began distraction training using various methods before advancing into a supermarket area. What better distraction for a dog than Pets At Home?

The video below shows that Bruno was able to achieve a loose lead walk inside Pets At Home within just a few hours of spending time with me. Mission accomplished! At this point the progress is really starting to show.
We spent the rest of the day cementing Bruno's calm mannered walk before returning to Pets At Home and various other busy areas. I then returned to a field near his owners work ready for her to finish at 5pm.


 A short handover lesson was given, along with a few tips on how to control his excitement and how to assert dominance as pack leader.
The final part of the video was taken by Bruno's owner the next day. If you compare it to the first section of the video then you can really see how much this one day CK9 School's takeover has made a difference.
Is this something that could benefit you?

Get in touch @ www.ck9school.co.uk

All of this in just 8 hours!




We do not use electric collars, prong collars, choke chains, slip leads or "halti's." Carl works wonders with a simple lead and collar.


How To Find Us & Get In Touch!

Address: 2 Centrum Parks, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL519FD
Email Address: booking@ckcastles.co.uk

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