A Busy Summer For Our Gloucestershire Dog Trainers And Rehomers

Posted By: Ck9 Rehoming Centre | Posted Date: Wednesday, September 8, 2021

A busy summer for our Gloucestershire dog trainers and rehomers

It’s been a wonderful summer of rehoming and training, we at CK9 Dog Training School and Dog Rehoming Centre have found many a pup its forever home and trained a great number of dogs and owners. We have loved being back operating as normal and it’s been fantastic to see lots of happy people and happy dogs enjoying their summer.

Though of course as ever there is still a lot of work to be done. Though the summer is at a close this of course doesn’t mean that dogs need any less stimulation or indeed any less training.

Train your dog for Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful time to spend time with your dog on country walks, playing in the leaves and taking in the sunsets, but if this is your first autumn with your dog there are some things to note. It’s the season when conkers fall off the trees and mushrooms and fungi thrive, so it’s worth keeping extra alert as to what your dog is sniffing at. Trips to the vets because of upset stomachs are not what we want, not pleasant for the owner or pet. So keep an eye out on walks, read up on what the nastier mushrooms look like and you and your pup will have a lovely autumn.

What can really help with this is dog obedience training which we offer as part of our dog training options. There’s no peace of mind like knowing all you have to do is say the word “drop” or “stay” and you can keep your dog out of danger. There’s more information under our “training options “panel.

As we get closer towards Halloween and bonfire night people will be in costumes and unfortunately setting off a lot of fireworks. We know that our four legged friends are sometimes confused and frightened by these and while we can’t stop the fireworks we can offer support. For a number of years our dog training school has been offering group anxiety sessions for dogs who struggle. Even with dogs who have been before it never hurts to refresh with one of these classes. All the information about bookings can be found on our website of course so feel free to browse.

We can’t let a blog go by without mentioning our wonderful pups who still need a forever home:

  • Riggs

  • Bump

  • Dave

  • Sula

  • Cooper

All wonderful dogs who’s bios and photos are available on our Rehoming page under “available dogs”. Dog adoption should never be undertaken lightly, however if you do adopt a dog, our dog rehoming team will be with you every step of the way to support you and your new companion.

Autumn is a wonderful time to be a dog owner - it feels like the perfect doggy day afternoon is on a summery autumn day, with golden leaves offset against your golden retriever. So here’s to a glorious early autumn full of walks, leaf crunching, sunsets and crisp mornings, and let us hope we don’t have to get the scarves out too soon.

If you have any questions about any of the services we offer, or if you'd like to speak with us directly, check out our contact page. Consider sponsoring a dog to contribute to the work we do at CK9.


A Busy Summer For Our Gloucestershire Dog Trainers And Rehomers

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