Bonfire Night Fireworks Training For Dogs

Posted By: Ck9 Rehoming Centre | Posted Date: Sunday, October 31, 2021

It's a common issue. Even the gentlest, calmest dog can be transformed into a whimpering ball of anxiety when the fireworks come out. The loud noises, the flashes, the tension, all amplified for our four-legged friends and their superior senses, far better tuned for walks in the woods and games in the park than sudden explosions and blasts of light.

A firework frenzy on Bonfire Night can lead to unfortunate disruptions and physical troubles in the home - broken vases and glasses, ruined carpets, and nervous messes.

But, as frustrating as they might be, messes can be cleaned up, and broken items can be replaced. The real and root problem is the effect that fireworks can have on the mind of a nervous dog. You want the best for your furry friend - which is why you took them into your home in the first place! With good dog training, a frightened pup can learn to relax during episodes of distraction like the fireworks season, giving them (and you) a much-deserved peace of mind.

When you working and running a home, the additional responsibility of training a dog can be very difficult. This is why, as part of our dog boarding school programme, your dog will come to stay with us at the CK9 centre for three weeks of highly rewarding training. Before the stay begins, our experienced trainer Carl will meet your dog in a one-on-one session, so we can establish a connection and get to know your pup's personality. In the course of their stay, your dog will learn good mannerisms and plenty of commands - enough to pass the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog scheme, ideally at a Gold Certificated Level. We go well beyond the classics - though 'sit' and 'stay' are hugely important, we're keen to delve even further, teaching your dog to 'leave' things alone when told, to 'wait' on command, and to never leave the door or garden gate without your say-so. We'll also make sure they learn to walk at a pace that ensure a loose lead - so there'll be no more impatience dragging you along the pavement to sniff the next lamppost!

Our key techniques of distraction training will prove especially useful for those dogs who find themselves easily unnerved and disturbed by outside influences. Our facilities are top of the range and equipped with CCTV - your dog's comfort and safety is our top priority, and we'll send you clips of the training process throughout the three weeks.

We're very pleased to offer training for both puppies and adult dogs, so it's never too late to help your canine compatriot in becoming a calm, obedient, well-adjusted member of the household.

So whether your dog is terrified of fireworks, antisocial with other pups, or simply a bit of a cheeky messer, give CK9 Dog Training a call, and find out how we can help your four-legged family member to become the happiest, most well-behaved pet they can be. It's already in them - it just needs to be trained out!

Bonfire Night Fireworks Training For Dogs

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