Our First Blog Post For Our Cheltenham Dog Training And Rehoming Centre

Posted By: Ck9 Rehoming Centre | Posted Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Our First Blog Post for our Cheltenham Dog Training and Rehoming Centre

In the last fifteen months we've been through a lot together; we have faced an unprecedented event in which our whole way of life was put on hold. We couldn't see friends and family, we couldn't go about our hobbies, and we couldn’t socialise with people like we normally would. We are finally starting to emerge and regain our freedom, but in that time many of us turned to our four legged friends for support.  

A study carried out by the PFMA confirmed a dramatic increase in pet ownership over the lockdown. A total of 2.1 million households (19% of the UK Population) took on a new pet in lockdown - that number is hard to believe, but it rings true to our Gloucestershire dog trainers! One can only speculate the amount of new furry faces there will be at the dog parks around Cheltenham and Gloucestershire - and we're not talking about the new lockdown beards!

At CK9 Dog Training School and Dog Rehoming Centre Cheltenham, we are readying ourselves to help an influx of dogs and their owners become properly trained and socialised. Having a dog around the house and having a dog out in public is a totally different experience. We are on-hand to help ensure every dog and dog owner in the Gloucestershire area has the training and skills they need for the big wide world. We have been doing e-learning dog training in COVID - now we want to see you face-to-face! Loose lead training, one on one dog training sessions, even dog boarding school - whatever you need, we are primed to help, because this isn't just a business for us; it's a passion for dogs and dog ownership. 

Dog Training School - Making Canines Happy

What we want to see is many new happy dogs and dog owners going about their lives in public, well-trained and stress free. We must not underestimate the effect that the last fifteen months have had on our lovely pets, even if they are a dog you've had for years. Going back to socialising after such a long period of near-isolation might be stressful for dogs just like it can be for humans. Maybe you need to go back into the office more, and you’re going to leave your best friend at home. When you need dog trainers you can trust, we are here to support you.

Unfortunately there's another side to this; with over two million people getting new pets, it's inevitable that not every relationship has worked out, thus we are now seeing a huge increase in dogs needing to be rehomed. It's not nice to hear, but with the prices of new dogs still rocketing and the need for new homes increasing, the time to adopt a dog has never been better. Our dog rehoming centre is helping to rescue and rehabilitate some of the cutest and friendliest dogs in Cheltenham. 

We are primed and ready to match dogs and owners, and find a happily-ever-after family for both of you. We'll be with you every step of the way, and will offer support and training wherever needed.

This is indeed a joyful time, a time to be thankful for, and at CK9 Dog Training School and Dog Rehoming Centre it is a huge moment for us. Our mission is to keep dogs and owners happy. We are ready to work tirelessly to achieve this, and to deal with the hurdles that life may throw at us along the way. 

Our First Blog Post For Our Cheltenham Dog Training And Rehoming Centre

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