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The CK9 Rehoming Scheme is a Non Profit Charitable Organisation that Rehomes and Rehabilitates. We are focused on rehoming dogs throughout Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and further afield. 

Our aim is to take in abandoned, or problematic dogs with a number of Issues, correct their behavior and get them ready to be rehomed to even the most inexperienced of owners.

As long as you and your home are suitable for that dog, then we should be able to make "Dreams Come True". 

These dogs are rescued and taken care of by us all as a family throughout their time with us, and they are trained up to a Kennel Club - Good Citizen level of Bronze, Silver or Gold standard by Carl. 

Carl is the Dog Trainer of the household. He currently has four diplomas in Dog Training & Psychology along with a real passion for animals and achieving goals.

We really do our best to transform the most difficult and damaged of dogs into a loveable household pet.

The dogs we choose to take into our Rehabilitation Centre are the type of dogs that might not have stood a chance if handed into an Animal Shelter.

Be it down to their breed, or their behavioural issues, we try not to take on the dogs who could easily be rehomed through your average Animal Shelter. 


We want to offer something more, and we pride ourselves in our success in doing so!


About CK9 Rehoming Centre

This is where I can really put my talents and love of dogs back into the local community. We will take on problematic and aggressive dogs which need a lot of time in the training field before being anywhere near ready to be rehomed. CK9 Rehoming Centre look hard to take on breeds in which animal shelters are known for "putting down". We will not bring in a rescue dog which could easily be taken in by your average animal shelter because we want to make a difference to the less fortunate. These "dangerous dogs" will be rescued and kept in one of our kennel units until they have been properly assessed. They will then be living in our family home once any first hand problems have been adjusted, aggression towards other dogs being our main priority, we would not want one of our dogs or another rescue dog being injured. This can be achieved within the first couple of days, and the rescue dog will be a part of our household within the first week.

Once the dog is in a home environment they will start to adjust to our everyday lifestyle whilst undergoing obedience training exercises up to three times a day. These training exercises are in place to build the dogs behaviour and manners up to a gold certificated level in the kennel club good citizen scheme. This is the highest awarded level of obedience for a domestic dog. Unfortunately most rescue dogs are not going to allow strangers to fully examine them, and for this reason we can only guarantee you a bronze certificate when you rehome one of our companions.   

However, the obedience trained level will be much greater than bronze! 
When you take on a CK9 rehabilitated dogs you will receive the dogs bronze, silver or gold certificate. You will be added to a private Facebook group designated to your dog. Here you can retrieve all photos and training videos collected from the time we received him/her to the time s/he left. You could also keep us and family members updated using this platform. On top of this you will be able to access a full google drive digital dialogue of the dogs details, such as the dogs weight, any known past, and behaviour assessments from start to finish.

These are Carl's notes and recordings from the moment the dog entered our centre to the moment the animal received a brand new loving home. You will be able to see just how much improvement has been made from our team.  Oh, and of course we are always available for aftercare! 


About Carl

When I left school I went straight into bricklaying and general building but after 5 years I decided that it was time to pursue my passion for animals, particularly dogs. I then started a dog training and psychology course whilst volunteering at the Cheltenham animal shelter and helping out in group training classes with RB dog training.

These dog training classes were held at Highbury Congregational Church, just off the London Road, Cheltenham . I further went on to receive four diplomas in dog training and behaviour in order to start my own business providing one to one dog training within the pet industry.

I spent a while working with dogs and focusing on canine aggression at the same time as working 12 hour night shifts as a static security guard at the Cheltenham racecourse before being offered the opportunity to go to Thailand and practice the martial art of Muay Thai. This I could not refuse! 

I travelled to Thailand in order to undergo three long months of intense training before returning to Cheltenham. I was honoured to have experienced this, and to have been given back my role as a security guard at the Cheltenham racecourse. However, I had developed the “travel bug” and felt I needed to see and experience more, so I saved hard for over a year and left again to travel all over Asia and Australia. 

After a long time of travelling I returned to the UK and started a different venture in the inflatable leisure industry with CK Castles. I started this new business with great passion and enthusiasm and took the local area by storm. This same venture quickly led me in to the hot tub/spa industry where I became BISHTAA certified in managing water treatment chemicals and set up Cheltenham Spa Hot Tub Hire to coincide with www.ckcastles.co.uk, and again offered something which others in the local area did/could not. 

I love being able to provide such a fun service for local families and I am extremely proud of everything we have managed to achieve over the past few years. However, I feel the time has come to revisit my dog training background, I also want to use my dog handling/training talents and knowledge in order to "give back to the community". 

Creating something similar to CK9 School was always just a dream of mine as a teenager, and the fact that I am now in a position to turn this into a reality still hasn't "sunk in" properly. I am very excited to see what can be achieved with my passion, enthusiasm and the help of my family.

Together CK9 School create a five star A team in helping mistreated dogs and struggling dog owners alike.

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