Cheltenham Dog Training School

To get your dog in the CK9  Cheltenham Dog Training School, simply contact us!

When you're looking for a dog training school in Cheltenham, you want to go with a company that will give you the hands-on, bespoke care and training that you and your dog need! We have a range of different dog training options in our Cheltenham headquarters, so we can find something that suits your specific requirements.

Carl, who operates our dog training school, has four diplomas in dog psychology and training, and is capable of training dogs up to Gold standard at Kennel Club Good Citizen levels.

Some of the different options we have for dog training courses include:

Dog Home Obedience Training

Dog Home obedience training provides dogs with the means to follow the essential commands you need for a well-trained and obedient dog. These include the classic commands such as sit, stay and stop, as well as those needed for safety, such as those relating to leaving and entering the house or vehicles.

This extends to leash behaviour, and will prevent your dog from pulling on the lead or going for other dogs.

Dog Training Boarding School

Our doggy boarding school sees Carl and his team training your dog intensively as dog-sitters. For a one-off lump sum, you can hand your puppy to the experts at CK9 School and let them deal with all the training for you! When you get your dog back in a couple of weeks, it will know all the commands, will be house-trained, and will be the perfect companion.

One on One Training

Sometimes, behavioural problems can only be seen within the house, or in specific locations. In  these instances, one-on-one dog training provides the intensive and insightful methods that you need to see results. Carl comes to you to see the dog's behaviour in its natural environment, and can provide the solutions you need to transform bad behaviour and train obedience and positive behaviours in your dog. 

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