Cheltenham Dog Boarding School 

If you want to find a dog boarding school in Cheltenham that can teach your canine companion to become obedient and well-behaved, CK9 School are here to help you! Send your dog to our Gloucestershire dog training boarding facility and when they come back home, they'll have learned all they need to be a respectful, stress-free member of the family - and a little bit more, too!

Based in Cheltenham, our dog boarding school is perfect for dog owners in Gloucestershire and beyond - we can board dogs from across the country! 

What age is best for dog boarding school?

The 3 week programme is suitable for any dog 2 years and above. We can work dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes but we recommend that puppies undergo 4 weeks of boarding school. Puppies learn fast but push their boundaries just as quickly. An extra week in our programme is necessary for dogs under under 23 months old.


What is CK9s 3 Week Stay & Train Programme?

It's basically a “crash course” in training for your dog. Your dog stays with us for 21 days. Carl meets your dog before he/she begin the programme in order to establish a connection.

Upon arrival you will be briefed and we will further discuss any medications etc. Carl assesses your dog during the acclimatization period, approximately 1-4 days. After getting to know your dog he starts prioritising needs and goals during training sessions.

Your dog receives rewarding training sessions, free time and naps, thus creating mental enrichment. Each day your dog will receive an average of 3 training sessions, home play & group play (if applicable).
You will receive pictures, videos, texts and a privately shared evaluation of your dog throughout each week.


All household members must help train and maintain your dog's progress upon his/her return. A handover lesson is included along with a follow up lesson after 1 week and again 3 weeks later.


Why Stay & Train at our dog boarding school?

Stay and train is the perfect solution for families who are struggling to balance dog training time with the everyday struggles of a working parent life.

This "all in one" programme accelerates your dogs learning beyond belief and is the fastest way to change unruly behaviour. 

1. Our dog training and boarding school programme is suited for adult dogs and puppies, the dogs will learn a tremendous amount in such a short space of time because they will be living and training with a professional dog trainer.

2. They will undergo all of the commands necessary to pass a Kennel Club - Good Citizen Dog Scheme (we work towards a Gold Certificated Level) and can be practicing and exercising up to seven commands in just one day.

3. We increase the difficulty throughout their time with us and work on cementing these newly found talents into your dogs day to day mannerisms. “Stay and Train” really is a huge jump-start in your dog's education and for those of you who have been struggling for a while, its a real kick start to an easier way of living.

Having an obedient, well mannered dog is such a weight off your shoulders, you wont realise just how much unnecessary weight you've been baring until they return.


When is the best time for my dog to start this training experience?

Fancy a holiday? Well, what better time than when you've got a dog sitter included in the price of improving your dog's behaviour! It is essential for your animals training that she/he stays with us through the duration of the programme, therefore it makes perfect sense for you to time this with a well needed vacation.


What will my dog learn?

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The Daily Routine:

We offer a three week "crash course" training programme for your dog. 
Your dog will come to stay at our family home with our dogs for three weeks in order to undergo an intense training programme with our Dog Psychologist. 


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This 3 week course costs just £1500! On special offer down to £1200!


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