Dog Rehoming Cheltenham

If you are thinking about buying a dog to join your family, keep Ck9 Dog Training and Dog Rehoming Centre in mind, as we have been rehoming dogs for years. We rehome and rehabilitate dogs all over Cheltenham and Gloucestershire and we want every dog to be rehomed to a family that is perfect for them!

It can be an overwhelming experience rehoming a dog into your care, but it can also be the one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life. Finding the best dog for you or your family can transform your household and your life, and your dog will soon become part of the family after they have settled in with their new pack and become part of your home.

Here at Ck9  Dog Training and Dog Rehoming Centre in Cheltenham, we take in problematic or abandoned dogs at our dog rehabilitation facility. These dogs may have been left abandoned after people have lost interest or have decided they no longer want the animal. There are also problematic dogs, such as those that may have trouble with obedience or have other issues that some owners may not be able to live with. Other pet rescue centres rarely take these dogs in, but with us, there are no hopeless cases, and our rehoming scheme aims to get these dogs back to being healthy and well behaved so they can become part of the loving home they deserve.

Whether you have experience with a lot of dogs or this is your first dog, we will be able to help you choose the perfect companion for you and help you with the rehoming process. We work closely with each and every dog and their new owners because we strive for better lives for everyone who uses us.

Gloucestershire Dog Rehoming Centre

Our team works with dogs of every breed to transform them into loving and caring canine companions. The majority of the dogs that come into our rehabilitation centre are those that may not have had a chance in an animal shelter.

Whilst the dogs are in our rehabilitation facility and dog boarding school, they are taken care of by our family of staff and are trained up to a high standard by our dog trainer Carl, who is experienced and skilled at obedience training and has also been involved in the training of working dogs.

Carl has a real passion for animals and works with them very closely to help the dogs get rehomed as soon as possible. He has four diplomas in Dog Training and Psychology so he can work really well with the dogs and help them overcome any issues they have with their behaviour.

Before you come to pick up your dog, we ask that you pay a non-refundable £50 so we can reserve your dog for you. When you come to pick up your new dog or after it is delivered by our team, the remaining balance will need to be paid (also non-refundable). After all of this your dog can enjoy its new home!

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