Physical Donations

All Donations go towards the general upkeep and maintenance of our premises as well as the welfare of all the animals in our care. The costs of food, training aids,vets bills and whatever else you could possibly think of all depend on the generosity of everyone around us. Please donate using any of the options stated below, or feel free to contact us if you have an “outside of the box” proposal.

We could always use extra bedding, dog bowls, old leads, collars and anything which you might have going spare.

Anything we find ourselves not taking advantage of will then go to the Cheltenham Animal Shelter on your behalf. 

Thank you 


Contact us if you have anything you would like to donate

An idea of items which will help us:


Anything & Everything


Dry Food, Raw Food, Wet Food, Treats, Training Equipment, Bedding


Disinfectant, Cleaners, Brooms, Mops, Brushes, Fencing, Cement, Carpet, Artificial Grass

You can even view our Amazon Wishlist and send it straight to us!


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