The Daily Routine

On the first day of arrival your dog will instantly start to undergo, and respond to basic training techniques during your briefing with Carl. During this briefing Carl will assess your dogs behaviour whilst running you through the "sleep away and train" process. We will be sure to make note of any dietary instructions your pet might need, along with anything else which might apply to your beloved friend whilst they are in our care. Once we are happy that we have all of the information necessary, including contact details and paperwork required then it will be time for you to say goodbye to your family pet.

You really need to take all of this in because when you return three weeks later you will not believe the difference we can make. Once you have left our home your dog will be fed (please do not feed your dog beforehand, we will be dishing out plenty of treats during the briefing), and spend some time with us during the evening before going to bed.

After a good night's rest your dog will be released from his run whilst we clean up any mess he might have made during the night, this will be an opportunity for playtime if your dog is already well socialised, if your dog is not yet socialised then your pet will be walked and exercised instead. Morning playtime will begin in roughly four days time. During these four days will will focus on reactivity training and make socialising him/her with other dogs a priority. This will create a much greater experience during their time with us, and a whole new life for you both when greeting strange new dogs in the park.

Your dog will then be put back into his freshly cleaned kennel/run ready to eat breakfast and take any medication (if applicable). Animals can sometimes take three to four days in order to adapt to new surroundings and training regimes. We will not insist your dog trains during this period, they will receive plenty of extra playtime, family time and walks in place of their training time slot.

Well, they will still be receiving vital skills in way of, loose lead walking and distraction training. Carl and your dog will be taking walks to "Pets at Home" and various other highly distracting areas in order to build a good companionship with one and other. We will of course slip a few basics in there, and reinforce any existing commands. 

Now the fun begins, it's training time! Carl will take your dog into our large training area and start to work with your pet, he will instantly begin to receive the appropriate reaction to the most common commands. These commands will become first nature to your family pet in no time. It's all about repetitiveness, and persistence.

Our Dog Trainer will constantly step these commands up by starting to introduce harder and more advanced techniques over the next few days. As above, some dogs might be a less responsive for the first three or four days until they get their bearings after being separated from you (their owners), but not to worry! They will still get exercise, playtime and in home chill sessions until they are ready to begin learning in ample time. We will know when a dog is distressed and we will never push them.

During training sessions dogs can become tired and/or fed up. If your dog starts to lose interest in the training and shows signs of confusion then it's time to throw in the towel, if you try to push a dogs training too much too fast then this can "backfire" tremendously. So it's time for a walk, each dog gets a walk after each training session, some dogs might require a walk before training class starts, but this all depends on the type of dog, the breed of dog, and if they are too excitable to respond to learning new techniques. Walking on and off the lead is also a valuable part of training. It helps to build a strong bond with your dog whilst cementing any “on leash commands” such as heel. 

Your dog can receive up to three or four training sessions with our Dog Behaviourist per day, this is why our home stay and training programmes offer such high levels of obedience in such a short space of time. It really is the most efficient route, especially if you time it with a nice family holiday! 

A long and eventful time of training and exercise is now complete, so it's time to go back to their designated kennel/run until all of the other dogs have finished their training sessions. A well needed relax time now! 
After they've all had time to relax, we do another group playtime! Our skilled trainer and alpha of the pack will then start socialising experiments on any new dogs which are not yet socialised. From this point on your dog is on the path to something they may not have even experienced before.  These socialising group times are really important for your dog, even when you're both walking past another dog in the street, or visiting friends pets in the not so distant future. 


Once playtime is over and we have cleaned any mess in the runs then it's feeding time, and time to relax before bed. Later on in the evening we check on all the dogs and clean the kennel runs up if needed. Any new dogs will be in the living room with us until bedtime. During this time we will be updating all customers on their dogs progress. We set up a shared google drive file for each dog in order for you to track exactly what is going on. We also upload any photos and videos to a private Facebook group and you can of course follow any of our Social Media platforms.

This is where we say good night and get some well needed rest ready for the next day. The training techniques will escalate and become more complex every day. The three weeks your dog spends with us will be better value for money than anyone can give you in group classes Carl swears by our new way of practice, and the results speak for itself.

Three weeks have passed and we are bringing your dog back to your home. Carl will provide you with a booklet and a demonstration of how talented and just how clever your pet truly is. This handover session is where we review everything that your dog has learned, it usually takes around one hour to cover all of the topics.

We trust that you will not be disappointed in the results. Once your dog is back home and settled in then we will say our goodbyes. The hardest thing for us is leaving animals every three weeks. We've built up such a strong rapport within that time and have really grown together as both work buddies, and play buddies. However, our time together is not completely over! Carl will return one week later to check you are happy with everything and to iron out any creases that might have appeared. He will then return again three weeks after the date of the handover. This is all included in the price. 

Now its time to say our goodbyes. We wish you all the best and hope that you can now live an easier life with your rehabilitated family member. 

We do offer an after care package for our existing stay and train customers if you require at a later date. We haven't had to do this yet, but it's available if you ever want to touch up on anything, anything at all.

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