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We have a fantastic and flexible opportunity coming up for a couple of eager volunteers who would like to learn how to train dogs, particularly rescue dogs.

This will be very rewarding, not to mention a perfect piece of hands on work experience for anyone looking to start a career in the industry.
This role will include kennel cleaning and poop scooping but your main task will be helping to reinforce commands which each dog has already learned. The aim of this is to give each dog as many training sessions per week as possible, the most time consuming part of our re-homing scheme is cementing each command on a regular basis.

The more regularly these training sessions are being repeated the faster our dogs will be released to their forever home. As time goes on we will teach you how to teach dogs new commands, behavioural adjustments and much more.


Event Volunteer

Would you like to join our team as an event volunteer and help our cause?
Please come along!

Our volunteer helpers usually have a great day as well. your roles during the day would be nothing strenuous because CK Castles set up and dismantle all of the equipment themselves.

You would be manning bouncy castles and ensuring that the amount of children does not exceed the maximum user limit on each piece of equipment. You could also help other stall holders or any other member of staff. We will equip you with a CK Castles & CK9 high visibility vest along with a whistle and anything else you might need.

If you have children, then your children can attend the event free of charge in way of a thank you from all of us.
We could always use an extra hand at our events and this could lead to you helping us at our dog training facility if this is something you would like to progress into, Please find full details at CK9 Rehoming Scheme

Next Events are 28th April 2020, 6th September 2020 - Click Here to See Events

You can also register as a volunteer here


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